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“Kickboxing: The Funnest, Fastest, Way to Burn Fat EVER!”

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“Life changing. I lost 40 pounds.”

The Kickboxing program has been life changing. Throughout my college years, I put my health and exercise on the back burner. After graduating, I came to Innovative Kickboxing for the high intensity kickboxing program.

I had gained a lot of weight throughout college and I needed something to kick my butt back into shape. I immediately began to lose weight.

In 8 months I have lost 40 pounds and the only place that could help me achieve this was Innovative Kickboxing. I have improved my cardio, strength, and feel extremely confident!

Adriana G.

“I have reduced my blood pressure and lost 20 pounds!”

I enrolled in kickboxing two years after my son enrolled in karate. I used to sit there texting and checking my email while waiting for my son.

I decided to try the kickboxing class one day and I was hooked!

Since I started, I have reduced my blood pressure and lost 20 lbs. Kickboxing has provided me with a great outlet for stress relief and has helped me tone and build muscle.

I can't thankInnovative Kickboxing enough for making me healthy again!

Tom M.

“It's like being part of a family. I can't imagine exercising anywhere else.”

I have been a member of Innovative Kickboxing for a long time, but it feels more like being part of a family.

The kickboxing classes provide amazing fitness and empower you with both physical and mental strength. Between the physical fitness and the camaraderie in the classes, I can't imagine exercising anywhere else.

Julie S.

“My favorite workout!”

I simply LOVE the Kickboxing program at Innovative Kickboxing! The instructors are extremely fun and motivating. They make the workout exciting and different each time. The high energy music makes the workout even more enjoyable.

For anyone looking for a great way to get fit, Kickboxing is the answer. I have been doing it for many years, and it is by far my favorite workout!

Amy P.

Here’s what you will get in every single class.

Fat-Blasting, Action-Packed Fitness

Kickboxing is one of the fastest, most effective forms of fat loss.


Beacause it combines cardio and resistance training into one. The cardio boosts your energy and burn hundreds of calories in just 1 hour.

The resistance builds lean muscle mass that actually boosts your metabolism around the clock.

According to modern science, you'd be hard pressed to find a better solution. Plus: you'll get that awesome, toned "athletic" look, full of sexy, lean muscle.

Release That Stress!

If you can find something more stress-relieving than hitting a heavy bag let me know!

Kicking and punching the heck out of a bag is almost too satisfying.

So in every class, let go of all that stress from work and home. Punch and kick it right out of your body.

Leave class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

A Super-Supportive Community of Friends...

A lot of gyms have really 'competitive' environments. Everyone's trying to prove how much stronger or better they are than the guy or gal next to them.

Not here!

Our members SUPPORT each other! You'll get cheered on and motivated by the people you work out with.

They'll push you to go that extra mile, and you'll push them right back.

So don't be surprised when you find yourself making friends.

'Contagiously' Passionate Instructors.

It's hard to hold on to a bad mood when you walk in our doors. That's because our amazing instructors will instantly greet you with a smile, and have you feeling great.

They truly care about you and your success.

They'll do whatever they can to get you those results you're looking for.

They're an awesome squad of truly special guys and gals who will get you fitter, healthier, and happier than ever.

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